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This blog is run by a totally ordinary guy, hence my alias on the web: Noone Special. And I actually like it that way; I don’t have any ambitions on sticking out from the crowd in any way.

About me: I love photography and music, fine food and good coffee, like to travel and to read good books. I live in Norway, and I apply signs as a hobby. Please check out my profile at Gowalla as well.

About the site: signsApplied is an attempt to maintain an optimistic and creative view on my life, surroundings and society.

The question I sometimes ask myself – somehow philosophically – is “What does really exist? And how should we relate to the things we see? What does the signs around us imply?”

On an everyday level, the world we live in might seem to be a quite regulated place; legislation, social obligations and material structures are demanding certain types of action or behavior. And it is completely possible to live in that world alone. But beyond that world lies something else, something that might affect the everyday world in an optimistic way. From the very attempt to extend the vision beyond the ordinary, comes insights and experiences that put the ordinary in different light. It becomes possible to challenge the ordinary.

We all need to wake up from time to time, and make meaning in new ways. This site is my therapy for ordinary life. I don’t claim that the things I post here will be extraordinary, I just have a need to reach “something else”.

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